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3-Way Match & Accounts Payable

What is 3-way Matching in Accounts Payable?

A three-way match is the course of cross-referring to and confirming your records payable costs utilizing a bunch of three distinct archives the receipt, the buy request, and the receipt to keep away from any incorrect charges.

Basically, you check that the data on these archives coordinates, guaranteeing that the sum you're paying to the seller is right and lines up with the labor and products you really got.

How Does 3-way Matching Work?

We should contextualize that definition with a model that shows how three-way matching works out, and how it meets certain means of the get to-pay process. In this model, suppose you're dealing with represents a clinic that is requesting 1,000 careful covers, estimated at $3 each.

Acquisition of labor and products

In the first place, obviously, comes the demonstration of putting in a request. For this situation, it's the 1,000 covers, which, together, will cost $3,000 dollars. The cover seller will furnish you with a buy request that will affirm the amount (1,000) and cost of the things or administrations ($3,000).


In light of the buy request, the seller will make a receipt for the things or administrations. The receipt will incorporate the amount requested (1,000) as well as the expense per unit ($3) with the absolute expense owed ($3,000, in addition to any assessments or administration charges).

Receipt of installment for labor and products

The 3 way matching in accounts payable is an important portion. After the seller sends the receipt and your records payable office endorses and pays it, the merchant will then, at that point, send a receipt. The receipt will incorporate subtleties like what you requested (1,000 careful veils), the installment technique, any limits (we should expect there are none here), and the aggregate sum you paid for the request ($3,000, in addition to duties and charges).

It's important that contingent upon the size or mannerisms of your business, this receipt cycle can be more intricate and include numerous gatherings. For example, assuming an outsider is really putting away the products requested, you'll require affirmation from them that they got the request.


Here the three-way match becomes an integral factor. Creditor liabilities colleagues will take a gander at each of the reports above-buy request, receipt, and receipt-and confirm that the data across the three archives matches: number of units, cost per unit, absolute request cost, and so forth.

On the off chance that the data matches, creditor liabilities staff endorses the receipt and the bookkeeping office sends installment. On the off chance that the data doesn't coordinate, an individual from the records payable group should circle back to the buyer and the merchant to figure out the error.

Why Accounts Payable Should Use Three-way Matching

Despite the fact that there are numerous ways of checking your records payable cycle, three-way matching is the best act of generally great records payable offices. Here are a few justifications for why three-way matching is the most effective way to check your installment interaction.

1. Lays out great connections among providers and purchasers

Trust among providers and purchasers is one of the benchmarks of a fruitful business. Assuming that you're keeping great records and along these lines paying solicitations accurately and on schedule, it helps construct unwavering ness between parties. Show that you esteem your relationship with them, and they'll consider you to be a respectable accomplice.

2. Sets aside time and cash

By keeping secure records and checking every installment, you're ensuring you're not finished or coming up short on solicitations, missing limits, or conceivably exposing the organization to misrepresentation. You'll likewise keep away from any potential installment issues that can make exorbitant migraines and time-sucks down the line. If you feel difficult in a 3-way process try mybooks accounting software.

3. Improves the evaluation system

At the point when it comes time for a business review, having exact records and data of each of your active installments is fundamental for your organization's details. Assuming you've done three-way matching over time, you will not need to do any of the additional work around the hour of an organization review.

Why you Should Automate 3-way Matching

Since manual matching is so tedious, expensive, and blunder inclined, it's smart to mechanize your three-way matching framework and your records payable interaction by and large. Robotizing assists save with timing, keeping up with positive associations with sellers and providers, further developing information exactness, and setting aside cash. Here is somewhat more data on why a computerized interaction is best for your business:

Saves time

Via computerizing your three-way matching cycle, your organization will require less labor supply to keep up with the interaction, opening up your group to chip away at more mind-boggling undertakings.

Guarantees opportune installment

Computerized frameworks lead to a quicker interaction, and that implies installments go out more rapidly. Thus, you will actually want to keep up with productive and reliable associations with your merchants and providers.

Further develops information exactness

A mechanized cycle kills amazing open doors for the human blunder, and subsequently, your information and records will be right and steady. The accounts payable process is also important.

Sets aside cash

Since you will not need to remunerate a bigger group to physically deal with coordinating, you'll have the option to place that cash toward different things in your spending plan. Besides, opportune and exact installments mean you won't be charged any late expenses or need to represent any tedious and exorbitant mistakes.

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