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Cloud-Based Accounting Software: What Your Clients Need to Know

The buzz surrounding cloud accounting software must have reached your clients by now. You owe them an obligation of providing the information necessary to be abreast of things as regards cloud-based software for small businesses. Your client’s organization must have deployed one cloud-based software by now. On a daily basis, businesses are moving their core application and communication structure to the cloud. You need to allay their fears and skepticism on issues relating to cloud based platforms. One thing is certain, any business serious about growth should be deploying cloud based software for small business. If any business is interested in being above competition, cloud computing is the way to go.

There are indeed a couple of things your client should know;

1. The Superiority of Cloud Accounting Software

We live in an unpredictable world ravaged by natural disasters. Let’s paint this analogy;

Your business processes payment for a freelance marketplace and there’s a wildfire outbreak that consumes your building. How will you be able to forge ahead from this disaster since all your information and database isn’t replicated elsewhere. That means your entire information is irretrievable, may be even gone forever.

However, if you deployed a cloud based software for small business, all you need to process the next task is an internet enabled device, a power source and access to the cloud accounting software.

2. The World Class Security Status of a Cloud Based Software For Small System

Data loss or theft could be the end of any business. There’s always a loophole in every storage format but this is not so with a cloud based software for small business.

Your business cannot afford to put the information and financial records of thousands or millions at risk. Even if your PC or Back Up is stolen, you don’t have to worry as your entire information is stored on the Cloud. All it takes is internet connection to access your data through a cloud-based accounting software.

Cloud computing is one of the most secure ways of storing your data. Nothing must be put at risk. You will be in charge of who have access to your data online. There’s a high level of privacy and security for your data.

3. Cloud Accounting Software Can Be Tweaked For Any Business Model

One fear of clients is that a cloud accounting software cannot be deployed for their type of business. A cloud-based accounting software can be tweaked to suit all forms of business.

The size of your business doesn’t even matter as there are cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. Mid-sized businesses and corporations are not left out as there are cloud accounting software that works for such businesses.

Depending on the cloud based software for small business, there are enterprise and extensive configurations that can be adopted.

4. Limited Cost of Deployment

You won’t need to keep an IT unit on your payroll in order to use a cloud-based accounting software. There’s no need for regular update by an in-house IT team, this is all done by the cloud-based accounting system vendor.

In the event of any bug, it is the responsibility and obligation of the vendor to fix it. You can enjoy a seamless updating of cloud based software for small business without even being aware of any issue.

5. Quick Learning Curve and Ease of Use

Making use of a cloud-based accounting software is quite an easy task. For your accounting staff, a cloud-based accounting software makes it easy to carry out their job. It’s like a match made in heaven.

Cloud-based accounting software are designed with the end user in mind. It is intended to make the accounting process as easy as possible. All it takes to interact with the cloud based software for small businessfor small businesses is clicks.

Gone are the days of complex formula and cryptic controls. You can have access to the full functionalities with little knowledge.


Cloud based platforms such as the cloud-based accounting software is a real blessing to businesses. Cloud based accounting software avails you and your clients the ability to work on your accounting processes form anywhere in the world. It doesn’t cost a lot to get started and also cheaper to maintain. It can also be configured in line with your business needs. cloud based software for small business allow you to keep up with the speed of the business world.



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